Watershed Zoning


This credit reduces stormwater management requirements in developments that support a strategy of watershed zoning by locating in subwatersheds that are designated as non-supporting. A similar credit could be applied to any development within targeted growth areas.

Watershed Zoning: Summary
Goals Encourage development in degraded watersheds.
Stormwater Management Objectives Water Quality/ Recharge Discount based on existing watershed impervious cover, or do not require.
Channel Protection,
Flood Control
May not be required.


A watershed Zoning Credit can be awarded to developments that meet the following criteria:

The achieved credits include:

Care needs to be taken when implementing a watershed zoning ordinance. In TMDL watersheds, reducing water quality requirements may result in a violation of water quality standards. Furthermore, the credit needs to ensure that new development does not impact a relatively high quality reach within the subwatershed, or cause local flooding.

Modifications to the pre-development curve number condition only apply in communities that require the assumption of a highly pervious land use, such as woods in good condition. The pre-developed curve number needs to be clearly defined to limit abuse of this credit.